37 years of the AquaPod

Since 1957 Attbar, Inc. has produced a variety of water craft and other fiberglass products. Drawing upon years of boat building experience, Attbar introduced the first AquaPod in 1971.

The Ragged Outdoors Team hunting from AquaPods

The AquaPod is a unique craft that is especially well suited for sportsmen and is found across the United States and Canada. Its versatility makes it an essential tool in the freelance waterfowler's kit and opens up access to new fishing holes. Since no boat ramp is needed, use it to access shallow marshes, as a layout boat on open water, a sneak boat, or decked out as a portable blind. The AquaPod will help you get more limits without sacrificing safety. AquaPod customers include the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife and fish and game agencies from several states.

The primary design feature of the AquaPod is its stability. Your dog can jump out and climb back in without swamping the boat. You can change positions quickly and shoot or cast from a sitting or kneeling position without fear of capsizing. The low profile design of the AquaPod enables hunters to become a natural part of their surroundings. The molded-in keel tracks straight to maneuver easily and skim through the water without getting snagged on aquatic vegetation or hung up when paddling shallow water.